Student Teacher Interaction

Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project (APAEP) faculty are committed to the idea that all people deserve access to arts and education, and that all lives hold value. Each semester, individuals from multiple universities across Alabama participate as instructors, tutors, guest lecturers, and volunteers. We seek candidates who are committed to our mission and working with diverse communities.


All faculty must demonstrate successful prior teaching experience. Individuals with the ability to project patience and calm in challenging environments, demonstrate active compassion, and those able to follow stringent rules and regulations without question or hesitation are especially encouraged to apply. APAEP is committed to hiring a diverse population and adheres to Auburn University’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and encourages applications from those directly impacted by systems of incarceration.


There are several ways to teach with the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project, including:


Interested in teaching with us? Fill out an application and email to apaepau@auburn.edu with a cover letter and CV.

Instructor Testimonials

College Program Instructor

“I would teach APAEP classes every semester if I could. I wish it were half my course load. I’ll never forget the day I taught Descartes in prison. It mattered. Not just to me, but to everyone in the room. And that meant that I mattered in the world. I couldn’t believe it was my life. I was doing something authentically meaningful.”

Community Education Program Instructor

“The students were motivated, engaged, and thoughtful. Together we created a space that centered inquiry and openness. The space was supportive. We respected each other enough to disagree and challenge and thus grow together. It was awesome. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

Community Education Program Instructor

“There is utter transparency in APAEP classes. I believe the students are there for an authentic experience, which create a safe environment where students are willing to take risks and be vulnerable in this way within the classroom space. The APAEP classes are undiluted experiences, wholly directed to one thing: teaching and learning.”