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The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project (APAEP) is an Auburn University initiative that provides access to sustained, quality education to people incarcerated in Alabama.


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Engaged in APAEP programming


Community Education Program Student

“In retrospect now, what I remember clearest about that first APAEP class I took is not the course material, but rather, the light which appeared in some of my classmate’s eyes in response to the camaraderie created in the group or as they accomplished something meaningful for the first time in their lives. For some, the light continued to shine even after the course was complete.”

College Program Student

"The education that I have received thus far has changed my perspective on life for the better. I appreciate education and respect scholars much more because of my time with APAEP. My views and opinions are a bit more objective and that alone is priceless.”


Staton Mural In Progress

You have the power to support meaningful and sustained education in the arts, humanities, and sciences for people in Alabama impacted by incarceration.


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Expands access to quality higher education for people incarcerated in Alabama

Assists APAEP in developing new arts programming and other resources for people in prison

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In The News

Kyes Stevens

How Kyes Stevens educates, inspires imprisoned students

Kyes Stevens started the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Program, which offers a variety of classes to incarcerated students all over the state.

Inmate Self Portrait

New exhibit features artwork from incarcerated Alabama artists

The art is from the Alabama Prison Arts and Education Project. Founded in 2002 at Auburn University, Kyes is the one who recruited instructor Jamey Grimes as well.

Sonia Landers

Creative writing class in prison was ‘light’ in the darkness

“When you’re in the darkness, and a little light comes to you, you follow that light,” Sonia said. Her light was the creative writing course, taught by Kyes Stevens.