Staton Mural Student and Teacher


The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project is building a pool of volunteer tutors to support the academic achievement of students enrolled in our college degree program. Tutoring sessions take place once a week, off campus, and tutors receive training prior to beginning work. Contact apaepau@auburn.edu for more information.



Fill out an application and email to apaepau@auburn.edu with a copy of your resume.

Additionally, we hire a graphic design intern for each academic year. If you are interested in this specialized position, please contact us at apaepau@auburn.edu.



Volunteers play an essential role in supporting the work we do. Volunteers aid our staff in publicity, special projects, library curation, data entry, committee participation, and special projects, among other things. We welcome all volunteers who are willing to contribute their time, energy, and expertise. Fill out an application and email to apaepau@auburn.edu with a copy of your resume.


Other ways to get involved

  • Visit a class. Attend a session of an ongoing APAEP community education course or college class with a program administrator to observe students and instructors in action. Contact apaepau@auburn.edu to schedule a trip.
  • Curate an issue of The Warbler. Implemented during the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Warbler began as a weekly educational newsletter for current and former APAEP students. Since 2020, its area of distribution has expanded to include every facility in Alabama, 31 states, and 4 countries. The Warbler is intended for use inside of prisons to hand out to students, incorporate into coursework, and serve as general educational reading material. If you would like to subscribe and receive new issues via email each week, or if you are interested in being a guest contributor, please contact us at apaepau@auburn.edu
  • Host an exhibition of Art on the Inside. Art on the Inside is a traveling exhibit of work produced by students who have taken our visual arts classes. Art on the Inside has shown at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art in Auburn, Alabama; the Alabama State Council on the Arts in Montgomery, Alabama; the Gulf ArtSpace Gallery in Fairhope, Alabama; Space One Eleven in Birmingham, Alabama; Salt Space NYC and New York State University in New York; St. Louis University in Missouri; and the Making and Unmaking of Mass Incarceration Conference at the University of Mississippi. For more information on hosting the exhibit, please contact apaepau@auburn.edu.
  • Attend an APAEP Community Conversation. Learn more about Community Conversations on our Stay In Touch page.
  • Read an anthology of student work. The anthologies contain poems, stories, paintings, drawings, and photographs created by our students. Please contact apaepau@auburn.edu to receive your copy.
  • Partner with APAEP on a new initiative or research project. The APAEP regularly partners with multiple on-and off-campus departments, universities, state offices, and non-profit organizations. These partnerships create distinctive outreach opportunities for students and faculty at Auburn, as well as individuals throughout the state of Alabama, to engage with an underserved portion of Alabama’s population. If you would like to partner with the APAEP, contact apaepau@auburn.edu.