APAEP Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project

Teach with Us

APAEP teachers are committed to the idea that all people deserve access to arts and education, and that all lives hold value. Teachers range from faculty, instructors, and graduate students from multiple universities in Alabama to individual artists, scholars, and writers. Our program not only helps sustain students, but also individuals who want to stay in Alabama and be involved in their craft (which is hard to do when artists and writers are consistently asked to practice their trade as volunteers). Teachers and former teachers have exhibited art nationally and internationally, they have published multiple books and regularly publish online. They are an inspiring lot of visionary teachers and are absolutely the backbone of this program.

We look for the following qualities in our teachers:

  • Highly organized and punctual
  • Ability to project patience and calm in challenging environments
  • Demonstrated successful prior teaching experience
  • Professionalism and consistency
  • Ability to follow stringent rules and regulations without question or hesitation
  • Demonstrates active compassion

Fill out an APAEP Teacher Application and mail to apaepau@auburn.edu with a pdf of your CV and we will be in touch with you soon.