APAEP Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project


Since 2012, APAEP has partnered with the College of Science and Math and College of Agriculture at Auburn University to produce a spring lecture series for our students. The series features an lecture and discussion on a different topic and given by a different faculty member every week. Topics range from nanotechnology and epidemiology to marine biology and insect identification.

Past SPARKs participants include:

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Ulrich Albrecht, Professor
Graduate Program Officer and Calculus II Coordinator

Chris Rodger, Don Logan Endowed Chair in Mathematics

Frank Uhlig, Professor Emeritus

Richard Zalik, Professor


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Shaliah Armstrong, Manager, Laboratory Teaching

Adriana Avila Flores, Postdoctoral Fellow

Doug Goodwin, Associate Professor

Peter Livant, Associate Professor

Curtis Shannon, Andrew T. Hunt Professor and Chairman

Kat West, Academic Program Associate II


Department of Biological Sciences
Nanette Chadwick, Associate Professor
Director of the Academic Sustainability Programs, Office of the Provost

Jack W. Feminella, Professor
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in COSAM

Brian S. Helms, Assistant Research Professor
Invertebrate Collections Manager

Mark R. Liles, Professor

Tony Moss, Associate Professor
Marine Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Schwartz, Assistant Professor

David Steen, Assistant Research Professor

Sang-jin Suh, Associate Professor


Department of Geosciences
Stefanie Brueckner, Lecturer

Department of Agronomy and Soils
Beth Guertal, Professor


Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology
David Held, Associate Professor


Department of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences
Gobena Huluka, Associate Professor


Department of Poultry Science
Wilmer Pacheco, Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor


Department of Animal Sciences
Soren P. Rodning, Extension Specialist and Associate Professor


School of Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences
Conner Bailey, Professor Emeritus

Alan Wilson, Associate Professor


Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
Bill Deutsch, Visiting Professor

Norbert L. Wilson, Professor

Harrison College of Pharmacy
Robert "Rusty" Arnold, Associate Professor
Department of Drug Discovery and Development

National Science Foundation
Doug Levey, Program Director