APAEP Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project

Events and Conferences

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APAEP Director Kyes Stevens led a panel discussion about Writing and Social Justice. 

Alabama Book Festival April 22, 2017

Doing Time and Writing Time: Teaching Writing Behind Prison Walls. APAEP Director Kyes Stevens sat on a panel on teaching writing classes in prisons.

Association of Writers and Writing Programs April 10, 2015
Alabama Media Group and the David Mathews Center November 3, 2014

APAEP Director Kyes Stevens sat on a panel entitled "Best Practices: Arts, Prisons and Community Engagement."

Marking Time: Prison Arts & Activism Conference October 8-10, 2014

APAEP co-sponsored and Kyes Stevens participated in a discussion entitled, "Starting and Sustaining a Prison Higher Education Program."

First University of Mississippi Conference on Rethinking Mass Incarceration in the South April 13-15, 2014
Educational Justice & Appalachian Prisons Symposium April 4-6, 2014

APAEP Director Kyes Stevens presented in a session entitled, "Creating the Prison Classroom: From Policy to Practice."

Third Annual Conference on Higher Education in Prison April 26-28, 2013