APAEP Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project

Areas of Need

Gifts to the Auburn University Foundation in support of Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project will be used to purchase supplies and textbooks, and provide funding to hire instructors. With the demand for APAEP courses being so high, it it our goal to increase the number and type of courses taught.

  • $50 provides paper and pens for a writing course
  • $500 provides a set of textbooks for a course
  • $1,100 provides on half the salary of an artist, writer, or scholar for one semester
  • $2,200 provides the full salary of an artist, writer, or scholar for one semester


APAEP General Support

The programs of the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project are not possible without the support of federal and state grants, private foundations and donor gifts. This support allows us to pay our instructors and purchase textbooks, art supplies, and classroom supplies, like paper, pencils, and erasers.


APAEP/AU Degree Program: Tuition Support

Pell grants fund 1/3 of AU tuition for AU/APAEP students until the Second Chance Pell Grant initiative expires in 2019. The remainder of our students' tuition is funded through philanthropic gifts made by private foundations and APAEP supporters.


APAEP/AU Degree Program: Textbooks and Classroom Supplies

Our degree-seeking students are taking the same classes as their counterparts on the AU campus and need equivalent supplies and materials to help ensure their success. We supply them with up-to-date textbooks, reference books, calculators, notebooks, notepads, pencils, pens, erasers, and folders. Students do not have access to the Internet, so we are also building a library they can utilize as they complete their college degree.