APAEP Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project

Advisory Council

The APAEP Advisory Council is comprised of individuals who have experience working with the arts and humanities and outreach in higher education and outreach activities in Alabama, as well as those who work with or have special interest in working with imprisoned populations. APAEP has invited individuals who have a strong investment in the long-term success of the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project.

Advisory Council members include: 

Barb Bondy
MFA, Professor and APAEP teaching alum
Department of Art and Art History
College of Liberal Arts
Auburn University

Joel Brouwer
MFA, Professor and Chair of Department of English Department
Department of English
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Alabama

Ryan Browne
MFA, Poet, and APAEP teaching alum
University of Alabama

William Cash 
At-large representative with experience in correctional facilities
Re-entry programming in Denver, CO

Cheryl Price
ADOC Institutional Coordinator for Southern Alabama
Representative for the Alabama Department of Corrections

Sonia Turley-Landers
Former APAEP student
Enterprise, AL

Kyes Stevens
MFA/MA, Founder and Director of the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project
Auburn University

Hilary Wyss
PhD, Associate Chair and Hargis Professor of American Literature
Department of English
College of Liberal Arts